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International presentations on Vauban district

You may have read already that since 2016, I do not offer any guided tours anymore.

However, I will still be happy visiting your city, district or venue in order to offer a photo presentation (45 to 60 minutes) on Vauban district. According to my past experience, it would be best followed by a "Question and Answer" part where we could look into details in the practice of the non-govermental association "Forum Vauban e.V." I had been a member from around 1999 to 2004 and additionally one of the elected board members in 2003/2004. For details of my life so far, please have a look at my German CV

Since energy and energy transition and renewable energies had always been one of my key fields of interest, I think it is not exaggerating when I claim that I could as well give you an overview on the German "energy transition", in its brighter and darker parts or practice.

I am able to deliver my presentation in fluent English, French, Italian - and in those languages, I will be able to follow a discussion and answer to spontaneous questions.

In the past 20 years, I have already had the pleasure to show Vauban district in Vienna, Munich, Bratislava, Belgrade, Nantes, Paris, Budapest and several other smaller cities around Europe.

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